liberating SOULFUL POP artist






Soulful Pop artist DANI moved to NYC on a one-way ticket all the way from the very raw and real parts of Yorkshire, England.

She illuminates as a rare enigma within the music industry, from writing deeply felt melancholy serenades, to singing sexy soulful pop with an edge.

DANI has played over 100 live shows in NYC, has been guest to numerous radio shows and has collaborated with Grammy award winning producers.

DANI, a voice with a powerful message and one of passion transcendence that rises to unveil a legacy of love and light.



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Dani is a true songwriter at her core. She exudes soul, passion and emotion in everything she writes and sings. Her lyrics are thoughtful and deep, truthful and authentic. She transcends the borders of pop music and breathes life, spirituality and love through her craft.
— Bob Leone (Lady GaGa, Lana Del Rey)
Dani is a talented songwriter and a strong raw vocalist with her own distinct style as an artist.
She has a powerful stage presence and I loved our time songwriting together. She expresses passion above all else and that shines through everything she creates.
— Gail Vareilles, Sandshifter Music
I met Dani through the songwriting circles in New York and she attended one of my songwriting courses. She wrote a heartfelt pop song that reflected heartbreak and longing, vulnerability and strength. She was a pleasure to work with and I see her going far in her music career.
— Martin Briley (Ke$ha, Celine Dion, NSYNC)